Learn how printers can be properly managed with redprairie discrete WMS.

If you’re printing case labels in RedPrairie Discrete WMS, here are some quick how-tos and help with the set up and managing of its two types of printers.

In the RedPrairie Discrete WMS (RedPrairie Discrete DLx), there are two main types of printers: laser printer or label printer. In general, printers are setup in Printer System Maintenance. The name of the printer in this screen is known as the Printer Address. The most important fields in this screen are the Printer Name, Printer Type, and Printer Queue fields. The Printer Type can be setup for Zebra or Intermec (which must be set correctly to control ZPL vs IPL label generation) and Postscript (which must be used for all laser printers).

Setting up Laser Printers in RedPrairie Discrete DLx

Laser printers can only be used with MOCA Reports which is a Windows only application. MOCA Reports will automatically recognize any printer that is setup in Windows UNDER THE SAME USER NAME that the RedPrairie MOCA Reports service is configured to login as. The user name restriction is an important detail as it can be confusing why a printer isn’t showing up. If the service logs in as a domain user then you will need to make sure you set the printer up while logged in as that domain account. You must then also setup each configured laser printer in Printer System Maintenance with the Printer Queue field setup as the printer queue name defined on the MOCA Report Server.

For label printers such as Zebras or Intermecs, you can setup the printer in either Windows or UNIX. As with a laser, the printer queue field is the most important field as it should be setup with the printer queue name from the operating system.

RedPrairie DLx Print and WMS Printer Management Tips

A couple of notes:

  • Labels are printed from the WMS Server (Windows or Unix-based)
  • Laser documents are printed by the MOCA Report Server (always windows based even if the WMS is running on Unix in which case labels and reports are actually printed by different servers)
  • Setting up printers in printer system maintenance and the MOCA report server does not tell the system what printer to use…it just provides a list of options.
  • There are numerous screens that control printer selection including Device Maintenance (where each device is associated to a laser and label printer), Report Maintenance (where each MOCA report is associated to a default printer), Various configuration and policy screens that have default printer configurations, etc.
  • If you are using a separate windows print server, you MUST configure your RedPrairie service accounts to login with a domain account that has access to both servers. If you leave Discrete to log in as the default Local System account, you will not be able to access the network resources on your print server, even if the printer queue is setup and the Printer System Maintenance record is setup correctly as well.
  • If you are using a separate windows print server with MOCA Reports, you MUST setup a local printer queue to point to the network print queue. You can do this by simply browsing to the print server, selecting your remote printer, right clicking and selecting “Connect” in the context menu. This will create a “new” printer on the MOCA Server which is actually just a pointer to the network resource, but it MUST be setup in Windows on the MOCA Report Server or MOCA Reports will not be able to see it.

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