Mobile Bluetooth printers have issues working with redprairie warehouse management software, but solutions are offered here.

Mobile bluetooth printers and RF guns don’t work well together in warehouse management systems.

Over the last few months, we have had some clients ask us how to setup mobile Bluetooth label printers with JDA WMS. Each time, they have been surprised by the answer. Hopefully this post will help clear up this question for anyone else interested in mobile printing technology with JDA WMS.

An Alternative Mobile Printing Solution for Warehouse Management Systems

In JDA WMS, all printing is initiated from the server, and the RF guns run a terminal emulator. All RF function processing is done server side, and the RF guns are used for input/output only.

A Bluetooth printer would be connected to the RF device itself, but since the RF devices run a terminal emulator and not a native client application, there is no way for the WMS to communicate with a printer connected directly to the RF device.

If you are looking for a good mobile printing solution, you can purchase wifi-enabled mobile printers and configure them on the network like any other printer. We have configured wifi-enabled mobile printers for clients with JDA WMS and the solution works well.

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