The partnership between Agile TMS Elite and JDA WMS will help packages ship faster.

MD Logistics and Agile are partnering with Accelogix to integrate Agile Elite TMS with JDA (RedPrairie) WMS for increased visibility and control.

MD Logistics and Agile Network have partnered with Accelogix to develop a methodology for integrating Agile Elite TMS with JDA WMS in a tightly-integrated, black-box model where the WMS exercises full control of TMS functionality using native WMS screens. The integration methodology leverages the integrated extensibility features of the RedPrairie MOCA architecture to build TMS functionality into WMS processes as if it were a native part of the WMS.

Benefits of JDA WMS with Integrated Agile Elite TMS

Key Features:

  • Advanced WMS Control: The integration allows the WMS to control and automate functions such as parcel manifesting (which is done automatically when packages reach a certain point in the outbound process), LTL rating, rate shopping, label and document printing, and end of day processing.
  • Superior Performance: The solution delivers high-speed performance on critical activities such as rate shopping and parcel manifesting.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Nearly all functionality is delivered inside the framework of standard WMS components allowing screens such as Manifest Package Operations to work as they were designed so users do not require significant retraining if they are already familiar with the standard screens.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The integration provides enhanced visibility to freight cost breakdowns and rate shopping results by optionally storing the full break down of all rate components down to individual assessorial charges and storing all the candidates that were evaluated during a rate shop request.

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MD Logistics recently released a great case study highlighting the benefits of implementing Agile Elite TMS with their JDA RedPrairie WMS. We highly recommend you take a look at the story to discover how MD Logistics was able to significantly lower their clients’ freight costs. The solution allowed MD Logistics to optimize its freight execution and maintain optimal distribution efficiency by fully integrating WMS and TMS execution.

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