Mobility trends helping small and medium enterprises is inventory management systems.

Seth Patin, founder of Accelogix, expressed his views on current small and midmarket enterprise mobility trends in GetApp’s Q3 Operating in the Cloud Report.

Almost 90 percent of businesses now use some form of cloud-based applications, according to Rackspace. Such high penetration runs parallel with current plans to increase mobile device adoption in the workplace. In fact, more than half of business IT departments surveyed by 451 Research said they plan to develop 10 or more mobile apps during the next two years.

“The availability of systems supporting low cost, industry standard mobile hardware gives small and midmarket businesses the opportunity to automate like large businesses.”

– Seth Patin, President

Why should small and medium enterprises consider a move to mobility? A better question might be, why shouldn’t you? As I said in GetApp’s recent Q3 inventory management report, Operating in the Cloud: Key Trends for 2015, the availability of systems supporting low cost, industry standard mobile hardware gives small and midmarket businesses the opportunity to automate like large businesses. While the systems reviewed in this report are geared more towards small business than mid-market enterprise, the key trends discussed are universally applicable. Industry leading supply chain software vendors who have come to realize the power of mobility have made significant moves to introduce tablets, wearables, and web-based user interfaces.

Mobile Inventory Management for Small and Medium Enterprise

Forward-looking, competitive midmarket companies can compete with businesses many times their size by using smart, connected technology. One of the fundamental ways Accelogix helps companies compete is by partnering with them to automate their supply chain. Moving away from paper-based, primarily reactionary inventory, warehousing and transportation processes is the key first step.

A data-driven, responsive warehouse management system (WMS) with mobile device connectivity enables the business to immediately confirm inventory availability, speeding customer response times, lowering costs and increasing employee and customer satisfaction.

Meeting Customer Demand for Fast Shipment of Smaller Item Volumes

The mobile device in a customer’s hand is the prime driver of change for small and midmarket businesses today. Mobility and ubiquitous connectivity have fundamentally changed how consumers express demand.

Capabilities such as voice-directed search, QR and barcode scanners, native brand applications and fast-loading responsive websites means buyers can order products one at a time, from almost anywhere. This forces suppliers to ship thousands of individual units to achieve the same volume that used to be achieved by shipping a single pallet.

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Mobility affects field and operations management as well. For more on software trends affecting small business, read the GetRank report.

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