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We understand there are quite a few companies offering Information Technology services for your business software and picking the “right” company is not necessarily easy.  In our experience, the number one indicator of success in enterprise software implementation is the experience of the implementation team.  What that means is that even if you pick the “right” software for your business, getting the “right” implementer may actually be more important.  We also understand that every business buying enterprise software and implementation services values different aspects of a vendor relationship. 

How Are We Different?

“We instantly realized Accelogix was a partner whose expertise allowed them to jump in and deliver a solution quickly and cost-effectively—they understood that we were running a live business and couldn’t afford to wait weeks or months for a solution.”
Scott Lane, CIO, Beaver Street Fisheries

Expertise, Training, and Teamwork

Leaner project teams = lower project costs

Do you sometimes feel like your consultants don’t get anything done unless they are on-site?  Travel isn’t cheap and you shouldn’t have to pay for it unless there is a solid business reason for it.  Accelogix recognizes the hidden cost of being on-site all the time, both in cost to our clients and in stress on our team.  It is for this reason that we invest in top tier office space and encourage our team to work and train collaboratively in that space. Even though it costs more money, this approach allows us to ensure that everyone on our team has access to the collective knowledge of their peers and keeps everyone accountable to each other. Efficient office collaboration allows us to deliver high quality work while reducing project overhead costs, improving the lives of our employees, and minimizing turnover.

“We selected JDA and Accelogix because they were willing to come up with an approach that works with our unique needs.”
Troy Schenk, Warehouse Systems Manager, Dot Foods

We Are Structured for Long-Term Relationships

Less turnover = more consistent project resources

Our entire team of nearly 50 on-shore experts are full-time employees with benefits.  We are not simply a consortium of independent contractors or part-time employees.  This dynamic enables us to learn your business on our first project and re-use what we’ve learned on every subsequent project.

We have grown organically through mutual trust and respect with our clients because we are committed to longevity, consistent quality, and integrity. Our clients range from single-site 3PLs to Fortune 100 enterprises, and they all trust us to enhance their competitive advantages.

“Accelogix has helped us build solutions that not only meet the needs of current customers but are scalable to meet the needs of future business as well.”
Jon Francis, Director of Information Technology, MD Logistics

We Innovate Our Core Competencies

Enabling you to do more with the software you already have

Our supply chain software implementers have the knowledge and passion to help you implement technologies and processes that will help keep you ahead of your competition. Our R&D team, Accelogix Labs, focuses on practical innovations that reduce implementation effort and total cost of ownership. In addition, we have invested in enterprise-grade server and infrastructure technology that enables seamless collaboration, advanced secure VPN connections with client networks, and cost-effective managed hosting services for the business applications we implement.

We Are Just Getting Started

You can depend on our reputation

We are supply chain experts that started a consulting business, not consulting generalists who got into supply chain. Logistics isn’t just our business; it’s our passion. We’re here to stay and we plan to continue growing with our clients.


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