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How Are We Different?

We understand there are quite a few companies offering system implementation and consulting services for your operation and picking the “right” partner is not necessarily easy, especially since so much of the selection process is virtual right now by necessity.  In our experience, the number one indicator of success in enterprise software implementation is the experience of the implementation team – and that is true now more than ever.

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Recognized 5 Years Consecutively – 2016-2020

Even if you pick the “right” software or automation solution for your business, getting the “right” implementer, one that is capable of speaking both the “tech-speak” and your team’s operational language, is often more important.  We also understand that every business values different aspects of a vendor relationship and it’s important to have a tight culture fit.

“We instantly realized Accelogix was a partner whose expertise allowed them to jump in and deliver a solution quickly and cost-effectively—they understood that we were running a live business and couldn’t afford to wait weeks or months for a solution.”
Scott Lane, CIO, Beaver Street Fisheries

We Aren’t Afraid to Be Pioneers

Enabling you to do more with what you already have – or forging a new path entirely

The reality is that innovation often isn’t simple. Business models are evolving constantly and old ways of doing business are fading fast. Our team has the end-to-end operational knowledge and passion to help you implement leading edge technologies and processes that will help keep you ahead of your competition.

Our goal is not to avoid difficult discussions or change your mind about what your business truly needs as long as we’ve had an open dialogue. We will talk straight and help you create the most seamless process possible.

“We selected JDA and Accelogix because they were willing to come up with an approach that works with our unique needs.”
Troy Schenk, Warehouse Systems Manager, Dot Foods

Expertise, Methodology, and Value

In times like these, we understand that you might feel like consultants can’t get as much done without the ability to be on-site. We go beyond Zoom meetings with internal project planning software, active team management behind the scenes, and proactive status updates – all baked into our cost structure. We estimate what we believe it will take to get the job done – no line items.

In addition, we have invested in private enterprise-grade cloud server and infrastructure technology that enables seamless collaboration, advanced secure VPN connections with client networks, and cost-effective managed hosting services for the business applications we implement. As a result, our solutions (and pricing models) aren’t constrained by the capabilities of public cloud providers.

We Scale With Our Customers

We’re in it with you for the long haul – from startup to IPO and beyond

We have grown organically through mutual trust and respect with our clients because we are committed to longevity, consistent quality, and integrity. Our clients range from single-site startups to Fortune 100 enterprises, and they all trust us to enhance their competitive advantages.

“Accelogix has helped us build solutions that not only meet the needs of current customers but are scalable to meet the needs of future business as well.”
Jon Francis, Director of Information Technology, MD Logistics

As tech entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the importance of depending on partners to go the extra mile – and sometimes even to do things that are not directly in our wheelhouse.

Just as we know many of our vendors personally, we believe you should have access to the full expertise of our team if you need it. If you ever feel the need (or just want to chat about tech, cars, or Legos), you can reach our CEO on his cell phone here: 919-873-4096

If you share our values and are interested in partnering on upcoming initiatives, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation with our solution experts.

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