Accelogix is committed to working with industry leading technology partners to accelerate digital transformations and deliver customized business solutions.

Blue Yonder, formerly JDA Software

Accelogix is an accredited implementation and reseller partner for Blue Yonder Warehouse Management, Warehouse Labor Management, and Transportation Management software.

Blue Yonder Partner Advantage

“We are pleased to see Dot Foods already realizing benefits quickly from their deployment, with the superior guidance from Accelogix, a collaborative partner and asset within our partner program.”
Greg O’ Sullivan, Group Vice President, Global Partner Alliances & Channels, Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software)

Logistyx (Agile Network)

Accelogix is a Logistyx Alliance Partner providing integration services for Agile Elite TMS software with JDA Warehouse Management software.



LogistiVIEW is a technology platform that makes a logistics workforce faster, smarter, and more accurate than ever before. Using Augmented Reality to instruct workers, Computer Vision to see and scan barcodes, Configurable Workflow to support diverse operations, Internet of Things to enhance workflows with environmental context, and Wearable Devices to keep hands and eyes focused on getting work done, LogistiVIEW has created an entirely new way for workers to interact with existing business systems. LogistiVIEW manages and tracks the execution of repeatable tasks with minimal loss of human efficiency. With LogistiVIEW, a business can have a safer, more productive, and more accurate logistics workforce.

Accelogix is a Value-Added Reseller providing Systems Integration and Implementation Services for the Logistiview platform.

Zebra Technologies

Accelogix is a Registered Reseller of Zebra products and solutions, including mobile computers, barcode scanners, and much more. Zebra specialization authorizations include RFID Specialist Advanced and Wireless Networks Specialist.

Minisoft, Inc.

Minisoft is a worldwide leader in delivering forms and label generation, transactional labeling and multi-carrier shipping solutions. Used by over 5,000 retailers and manufacturers worldwide eFORMz is a comprehensive electronic forms and label generation solution for the production of critical customer facing labels and documents. SendFX is a robust and versatile multi-carrier compliant shipping solution designed to meet the shipping requirements of companies that ship 500 packages or 5,000 packages a day DuplexPackSlip transactional labels are “all-in-one” two sided labels, that combine the shipping label and the packing slip on the front and back sides of the same label, streamlining any warehouse or shipping operation.

Accelogix is a solution provider for eFORMz (JDA) & SendFX.

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