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Our team of certified HighJump consultants can help you get the most out of your HighJump WMS. If you’re looking for an on-shore HighJump partner, your options probably seem limited. Not every company can offer both competent technical and operational support. Our practice is led and staffed by seasoned supply-chain technology professionals who have the experience and know-how necessary to implement, maintain, and extend your HighJump WMS. We have partnered with multiple HighJump shops in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and 3PL verticals.



How can we help you?

HighJump Project Planning and Discovery

The foundation of any successful software implementation is set before any software is installed or configured. Before you start implementation, you need a clear understanding of what your goals are and a plan to achieve them. Accelogix can help you prepare for your implementation by performing scope definition, requirements gathering, project planning, business process analysis, current-state documentation, and future-state documentation.

Implementing and Configuring Your HighJump Software

Your HighJump WMS software implementation process flow includes the following key phases:

HighJump Warehouse Advantage Project Management

Once your project begins, you’ll need an experienced project manager to lead your project. Our project managers have led dozens of successful projects and we understand the focus and commitment required to deliver a WMS project successfully. We will work with you and HighJump as a team to monitor the status of your project and identify and address any obstacles or issues that arise. We view ourselves as your partner and advocate, and we will provide honest and unbiased feedback throughout the implementation process.


Our technical resources are HighJump-certified and use HighJump Architect and WebWise tools to implement the configuration changes needed by your business. We can configure the base system, create WebWise pages, create labels and reports, or integrate to other systems. Our configuration resources can be available for the entire span of the project, or on an as-needed basis.


We can help at any point in the testing process, whether it be developing test scenarios and writing test scripts, or simply following the scripts your team has already generated. We help identify, prioritize, and address any defects found during the testing process.


Good documentation is an important part of implementing and maintaining any software system. Accelogix can help by writing technical overviews, SOPs, process flow diagrams, user quick sheets, operations guides, and any other documents you may need.


Accelogix can train your staff at all levels, including IT, super user, supervisor, and warehouse associates. Our team has years of experience designing training programs customized to our client’s environments. We will help you get your team up to speed on your new system.

Go-Live Support

No project is successful without a successful go-live. Your teams must be ready for go-live, and prepared to track and resolve the issues that arise in an organized manner. We know this is no easy task. We have the experience and know-how to get you prepared and back to business-as-usual in the minimum amount of time.


Additional HighJump Warehouse Software Services

Configuration Enhancements and App Station Installation

Whether you need a simple configuration change to existing functionality or you have a large initiative, Accelogix can provide the technical resources you need. Our certified HighJump developers can configure your WebWise pages and process object definitions to make the system do exactly what you need it to do.

Additionally, HighJump’s innovative App Station makes implementing new functionality easy. The App Station provides commonly needed functionality without the effort and expense required to configure the system by yourself. Accelogix can help you determine which apps are best for your business and help you test and install them.

Systems Integration

We understand that no application stands completely alone. Accelogix can configure your HighJump system to communicate with other systems such as ERPs, materials handling equipment, and parcel manifesting systems. Our HighJump-certified developers are familiar with the Advantage Link family of tools and can leverage those tools to ensure your supply chain systems stay in sync.

Production Support

Many organizations do not have the time or resources to develop their own HighJump expertise. Accelogix has the resources and knowledge to help you resolve issues faster than you can on your own. Our support techs will familiarize themselves with your business and how you use HighJump. We’ll use that knowledge to resolve your support cases quickly and effectively.

System Audit and Operational Review

Just because your go-live was a success and your system is stable does not mean your work is done. You should be reviewing operational and system performance at regular intervals to ensure you continue to get maximum value from your WMS.

Accelogix can help you with a System Audit and Operational Review. Our consultants will spend time with you to analyze how your operation uses your system, how it performs, and if there are opportunities for improvement. We deliver a report of our findings as well as a list of actionable items to resolve any issues we uncover.

WMS Software Upgrades

One of the unique characteristics of HighJump’s platform is the relative ease of performing upgrades when compared to its competition. However, before you commit to an upgrade, you still need to understand what will change and the effect it will have on your WMS and any associated systems. Accelogix can help you manage your upgrade by providing the analysis and testing necessary to ensure that your upgrade goes smoothly and without interruption to your business.


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