Production Support from Onshore System Experts


Accelogix is a leading provider of onshore-staffed contract support services for JDA RedPrairie and HighJump supply chain software. With our proven methodology and extensive experience supporting mission-critical supply chain software, we deliver an unrivaled combination of expertise and value:

“[We have] a very successful partnership with Accelogix providing production support. Their response time is excellent and their knowledge of all aspects of the [JDA] RedPrairie application guarantees quick, quality resolution regardless of the issue being resolved.”
IT Director, Fortune 500 B2B Services Company

  • 24/7 Dedicated Support: Our team members do not work on site implementations, leaving them free to devote 100% of their time to our clients.
  • Deep Industry Expertise: Our team has multi-site and global experience.
  • Logistics Line of Business Resources: We have resources available in Technical, Operational, Functional, and Project Management. Flexible contract terms are available.
  • Email Updates and Live Notifications: Automated issue creation via email means you are always informed of the progress of your support incident.
  • Customer Portal: Access is always available to view the status of current issues, and to log new incidents.
  • Industry Leading SLAs: We understand that you would much rather have the system run smoothly and not hamper productivity. Our average resolution time is lower than anyone we know of and we intend to keep it that way.

Our Proven Support Methodology

Whether you have purchased your warehouse management system through Accelogix or not, our team can still help you enhance, maintain and support it. Every support incident follows our five-step Support Methodology:

  • Listen – While we could certainly figure it out eventually, you will notice we don’t take support tickets over Twitter! We want your team to share their problem with us as completely as possible so we can understand the tiny details that might explain why a process isn’t working. Via email or phone call, we focus on your needs and listen to learn and understand.
  • Analyze – This is where we believe our support stands out. We know the system and we understand the business. Our support analysts find the problem and derive the solution quickly and accurately.
  • Communicate – Email, Phone, Web Portal – We are constantly sharing updates and statuses. Our goal is for you to never have to ask yourself whether Accelogix picked up your ticket yet. Our system keeps you in the loop and our people aren’t afraid to get on the phone.
  • Resolve – Whether it was simple user error or a complex technical procedure, we resolve issues and share our resolutions with our client. We love to share information about how we fix things in hopes that your team can learn how to resolve issues before they even have to contact us.
  • Prevent – We focus on root cause analysis and once we find a root cause that is fixable, we recommend the necessary changes to prevent a repeat of the issue.

Your Partner in Success

The Accelogix Support team strives to learn and understand your business as well as you do. Once an issue has been resolved, we take steps to prevent it from happening again. Over time our goal is to constantly improve the stability and flow of your system to reduce support and keep your team working efficiently.

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