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In these trying times, stress on the supply chain has never been greater. Surges in order volume, space constraints and labor shortages add pressure to critical systems at risk of grinding to a halt.

Accelogix stands ready to assist your team and the systems you rely on now more than ever. Our production support subscriptions, with renewal periods as flexible as month-to-month, are available to all Blue Yonder customers with on-demand access to our technical teams and resources to ensure business continuity.

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“[We have] a very successful partnership with Accelogix providing production support. Their response time is excellent and their knowledge of all aspects of the [JDA] RedPrairie application guarantees quick, quality resolution regardless of the issue being resolved.”
IT Director, Fortune 500 B2B Services Company

The Accelogix Advantage

For the essential systems that run your operation, Accelogix is uniquely qualified to serve as your trusted partner in support. Whether you’re launching a new implementation, or operating a modified legacy system, you’ll access:

  • Industry-recognized set of WMS and WLM experts – combining decades of diverse experiences
  • Flexible subscription models to scale up and down as business changes – choosing the level of support that’s right for your needs
  • Expert analysis, systems experience paired with insights – complementing and accelerating your existing workflows
  • A match to the right resources at the right time to guarantee success – looking out for you


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An accredited Blue Yonder partner offering unparalleled technical expertise, solutions and resources who understand your critical success factors, Accelogix On-Demand Support extends your team’s capacity to maximize system impact.

Additional Support Capabilities

Our comprehensive approach to your success starts with 24/7 dedicated support, rapid response, and proactive tracking, plus more robust technical services to enhance your system performance:

  • Page Builder/DDA Development
  • Report Development
  • Label Development
  • Configure printers and RF devices
  • User configuration
  • Archiving/Purging Configuration
  • Build/Deploy Rollouts
  • Code Review
  • Configuration Assistance/Review
  • And more.

Our Proven Methodology

Our five-step Support Methodology leverages extensive experience supporting mission-critical supply chain software:

  • Listen – We recognize each business is unique and seek to understand the tiny details that might explain why a process isn’t working.
  • Analyze – This is where we shine. We know the system and we understand the business. Our support analysts find the problem and derive the solution quickly and accurately.
  • Communicate – Email, Phone, Web Portal – We are constantly sharing updates and statuses to ensure 100% clarity in the process.
  • Resolve – From simple user errors to complex technical procedures, we resolve issues and share our resolutions to educate and empower your team.
  • Prevent – Our root cause analysis results in recommendations to prevent a repeat of the issue.

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