Technology-Driven Operations: The Competitive Edge

Food and Beverage Supply Chain operators rely on Accelogix to understand the unique challenges and complexities their organizations face. In a high-volume, low-margin industry where increased buyer expectations, shorter product life cycles, shifting regulations and fluctuating demand are the new reality, there is no room for complacency. It’s time to leverage cutting-edge technology and break-through thinking to unlock the full potential of your supply chain.

The Accelogix Advantage:
Targeted solutions for mission-critical business challenges

Data-driven Reporting – make informed inventory decisions and improve quality standards
Operating Cost Reduction – create new gains in market share while managing development costs
Improved Visibility – increase visibility and traceability for improved customer experience
Event Management – make dynamic freight decisions when conditions, weather or quality changes
Transportation Efficiencies – reduce empty miles for better utilization and lower costs
Right-Sized Technology – adoption of new processes and optimal technology investments
Product Innovation – introduce new, unique products while maintaining high service levels

At Accelogix, we use our deep industry expertise across all aspects of the supply chain to create and continuously improve domain-specific solutions at a speed and sophistication that is unmatched in the industry. Our full suite of services position your supply chain as the strategic business engine driving growth, market share and profit.

Warehouse Management
Whether you are planning a new site implementation, a system upgrade or seeking operational efficiency gains in your current environment, the warehouse remains the nerve center of your operation. Seasoned in multi-site and global implementations, the Accelogix team has decades of experience in the complex handling environments of Food and Beverage. We bridge the gap between your technical systems and operational needs with an eye on positive customer outcomes — providing an ongoing path to efficiencies and ROI.  Learn more.

Warehouse Labor Management
Implementing a Labor Management requires more than simple visibility into productivity levels.  At Accelogix, we ensure your WLM transforms your warehouse into a performance-based environment where defined standards establish metrics for individual operators and remains flexible enough to adjust to shifts in your operating model. Learn more.

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