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System Design | New Software Implementation | Continuous Improvement

At the heart of every distribution center is labor: the people you depend on day-to-day to achieve your objectives. Today, labor continues to hold the lead as one of the most expensive nodes in the supply chain.  While advances in automation, robotics, and technologies are changing the way the process is executed, for most operations today it’s still people that get the work done. Gaining visibility into “how” work is getting done is the key to surfacing actionable insights that remove barriers to performance.

At this crucial inflection point, improved workforce management is a powerful tool offering one of the most substantial opportunities to reduce overall supply chain costs.  Accelogix Labor Management solutions offer a hands-on collaborative model applying our cornerstone services to suit unique customer needs – ensuring workplace transformation becomes a team sport.

In this video, Accelogix CEO Seth Patin and Ellsworth Collins of Advanced Solutions/Slot 3D discuss how workforce management and optimized warehouse management software come together to overcome operational challenges in the warehouse of the future.

System Design

We’ve seen a hunt for spare batteries cost customers thousands of dollars – nipped in the bud as soon as they launched a labor management program.  What value is locked up in your operation, ready to break free? Our team can help you find it – learn more.

Your business is unique, and your Labor Management journey is too.  Accelogix pulls your business requirements to the forefront as guideposts to identify the right Labor Management software for you.  Navigating the available options from today’s Labor Management Systems (LMS) or Warehouse Labor Management (WLM) platforms, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with the best ways to capture data on how work is performed, correlating it with relevant standards, and delivering actionable reporting and visibility.  This platform is your access point to see gaps and make calculated changes, tracking ongoing value and adjusting for improvements.

Accelogix is a certified reseller of JDA Warehouse Labor Management, equipped to supply your full-spectrum WMS needs. Contact us to discuss best-fit LMS options for your business needs.

New Software Implementation

Project Management

The monumental task of improving every aspect of performance starts with a well-developed project.  Consideration for the nuances across every step, in every corner of your operation, takes fully-aligned, central orchestration to bring it all together.

With our full-spectrum supply chain expertise, Accelogix develops a coherent strategy that stitches together your technical and operational priorities to achieve business objectives.  From defining standards, implementing software, measuring, and reporting to extracting insights that lead to untapped savings, you’ll have a clear project vision and path forward.

The Accelogix team brings the combined insight from past customer successes, along with expert Project Management Professional and Certified ScrumMaster best practices to strengthen your labor management plan. Let’s discuss your project needs today.


Streams of data from every direction, on every aspect of work, must be synchronized. Systems have to be set up to cross-check the right data points against a host of standards to fuel the insights needed for action. Accelogix will configure the LMS to capture and quantify activities throughout the operation architected to meet the unique needs of your organization.  Leaning into our deep software engineering expertise, and partnerships across the LMS ecosystem, Accelogix is equipped to handle your configuration with ease.


The brainpower of labor management is an intricate network of software systems.  As technology underpins nearly every process, the power of this connectivity cannot be underestimated. Accelogix is the unparalleled expert in software integration for the supply chain industry-proven not just by our client success stories, but through our innovative product development in response to problems that we see in the field.

From the systems you use to manage your human resources like ERP and Time & Attendance to the central Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) functions that host your operational data, we’ll integrate for compatibility and interoperability.  You’ll have the rock-solid infrastructure to trust that the right data exchange will drive improvement.

There isn’t a software integration project we haven’t seen – so you’re in the industry’s most capable hands to get your systems in sync. Let’s discuss your integration needs today.


At the intersection of preparation and potential is the moment of go-live.  But managing this critical transition to ensure everything is measured as it should be is essential to locking in the new process, and securing its gains. Accelogix is an expert in labor management implementations, seasoned in every step needed for success.

We’ll ensure your implementation proceeds as intended, embedding performance benefits from Day 1.  From the moment data flow is switched on, we’ll stay vigilant and mobilize to address any gap or disparity, evaluating findings in real-time.

From implementation experience in every supply chain scenario there is, our team will operationalize your new process to start strong and keep moving forward. Reach out to us to learn about your implementation needs.


An essential component of labor management success is employee engagement across all levels.  And to achieve this interaction, a playbook must emerge that addresses how to manage, communicate with, and evaluate teams. Our training will equip your team for the unique adjustments when managing successfully after a new labor management rollout as we articulate the how and the why.

Working with managers and stakeholders before the implementation, we’ll advise on best practices to operate effectively in the new performance culture dynamics.  Instilling confidence around everything from using the LMS, to rethinking process and clarity of roles, to moving from a single measurement to a standards-driven mentality they’ll have the context to start strong out of the gate.

Our team brings a deep educational background to provide relatable, actionable training your team can put into practice right away. Reach out to us to learn about our training options.


Once your Labor Management System is accumulating data, it’s time to turn information into actionable insights.  So what’s the best way to keep tabs on your metrics and maintain an upward trend in savings? Enduring advantages will accrue once a consistent practice of reviewing and analyzing new solutions is established – Accelogix will jumpstart this into action.

You’ll have a real-time view on the financial impact of minor issues, changes implemented so far, and the ROI of planned improvements.  Hard data powered by overlays, projections, and real-time views syncing from your WMS and other systems will fuel your momentum.

Accelogix will deliver customized reporting and the complete tool set to understand the results of your labor investments, opening the possibilities to create more value. Contact us to explore the reports and dashboards that will give you visibility into your labor management initiatives.

Continuous Improvement

Workplace transformation is not a linear process – but rather a continuous loop of inputs and actions.  Striking the right cadence for evaluating against benchmarks and marshaling the energies of employees in the right direction requires a focused effort. Reach out to us to discuss the best practices in change management to benefit your operational initiatives today.


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