Experience with 3PL Companies

Do You Have Experience with 3PLs?

Accelogix was grown through servicing 3PLs.

3PLs are a microcosm of the whole supply chain industry in a sense because they must be able to do anything and everything.

The 3PL must be versatile because you might be storing food, you might be storing pharmaceuticals, you might be storing shirts, and each one is going to have its own unique requirements. Even within that, one 3PL that stores shirts is going to do things differently than a 3PL that stores shirts for a different client, because each of those clients is going to have their own requirements that they want the 3PL to fulfill.

How Does JDA RedPrairie Help 3PLs Fulfill Unique Customer Requirements?

The beauty of 3PL with RedPrairie is that there’s a good chance that you can make the JDA system fulfill any requirement, either through configuration or enhancements. It goes back to the layered MOCA architecture and how it’s built to scale the enhancements. The fact that they can pretty much say yes to anything is a big selling point for them because 3PLs need to be able to say yes to pretty much anything.

On the flip-side of that, 3PLs want to bill for every possible thing. Every time they move and wrap product they want to bill for it. The system tracks everything that happens to a product, and the client is charged for it. The system is a game changer for 3PLs because it allows them to compete on a different level, and we’ve seen that in companies where their growth has been accelerated by using this system. A lot of times the system they replaced was not scalable and it didn’t do a fraction of the things that this system does. We’ve helped these customers grow using this system by:

  • Using the scalability features
  • Building enhancements
  • Leveraging all configurations
  • Allowing them to service current customers better
  • Enabling them to win business from new customers

With 3PLs you have to be able to do anything and everything and that’s essentially what we offer. 3PLs are a strong suit of ours because we understand the business, and what makes one 3PL different from another is its system.

When looking for a 3PL, it’s important to look at how the system is being utilized. If you’re smart and strategic with how you use the system, and you have a good system in place, then you will have good results.


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