Can I make enhancements to my JDA WMS without affecting my upgrade path?

Yes you can. Your JDA RedPrairie WMS enhancements should not affect your upgrade path. Any enhancements you’ve done will have to be reviewed before you perform an upgrade. If you used the layered architecture appropriately and built your enhancements around standard product code, you’ll put the least amount of impact onto your upgrade path. When you run the upgrade on the standard code, your code comes out the same as it went in on the front end.

Accelogix Modification and Code Review

Changes to the database, or potential changes in the standard code, could affect your enhancements. When we start an upgrade project, we always do a code and modification review. Whether you have five enhancements or a thousand, we will look at everything instead of assuming that everything is going to work properly.

To help make sure everything will work properly, our team sits down with you to go through your code modifications. We categorize modifications into three different groups when we perform a review, so we will understand what our true coding effort will need to be to bring your modifications forward. The three groups of modifications are:

  • Modifications we believe can be removed—because newer functionality in the newer version can replace these mods
  • Modifications that will have to change—because of changes to the newer version
  • Modifications that are going to stay the same—because there are no data model changes that affect them


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