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How does the JDA RedPrairie MOCA architecture work?

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How does RedPrairie work?

The advantage of RedPrairie architecture lies in its unique architecture, called MOCA. Watch this introductory video to MOCA from our VP of Technology, Paul Patin.

How does the JDA RedPrairie MOCA architecture work?

MOCA is a layered service-oriented architecture (SOA). Each layer of the JDA RedPrairie MOCA architecture hierarchy is separate from one another, so that as you upgrade each individual layer you will not impact the others. The different layers of the standard product-layered architecture found in the MOCA system are:

  • MOCA layer: This is the database connection layer.
  • MCS layer: This is the client front-end framework layer.
  • Shared application library layer: This layer stores components the other layers above it can use.
  • Product layer: Examples of software in the product layer include Warehouse, Transportation, Labor, and Track and Trace.


What are the main differences between JDA RedPrairie MOCA and other SOA systems?

The layered architecture of JDA RedPrairie MOCA is the primary difference between it and other SOA systems. MOCA architecture allows you to segregate parts of the system from a code base standpoint. The team at Accelogix has extensive experience working with our clients on implementation and upgrade projects using the JDA RedPrairie MOCA system.

Another difference of the JDA RedPrairie MOCA system is that MOCA is database agnostic. This means it can talk to SQL Server or Oracle, and regardless of which database you’re talking to, the way you write your MOCA code doesn’t change. If your code has to look one way for Oracle and another way for SQL Server, MOCA will do the translation for you.

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