What is Warehouse Task Interleaving, or Interleaved Work?

Task interleaving is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) process that automatically and continuously assigns operational tasks (directed work) to authorized users on their Radio Frequency Terminals (RFT). It is a standard feature of most Tier 1 WMS products, such as JDA, and can be turned on or left off. However, careful preparation is needed to use task interleaving successfully, and the software must be configured to recognize all warehouse capabilities and restrictions.

How is Directed Work Configured?

With directed, interleaved work, once a user has completed one task, the system opportunistically assigns them a new task based on what is the highest priority piece of work, what the user is capable of doing, and where they are in relation to the next piece of work. User IDs and Vehicle Types are authorized for each task by configuring it through Directed Work Operations Maintenance. Other configuration tasks include: Defining RFTs, Release Rules, Picking Methods, and Location Access Codes.

When interleaving directed work, the system takes into account the capabilities of personnel and equipment, layout of the warehouse, storage areas, locations, capacities and levels, replenishment rules, pick and put-away rules, and any other relevant user-defined business practices.


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