How Does JDA RedPrairie WMS Handle Cycle Counting?

Cycle counting is an extremely important warehouse function. Maintaining accurate inventory allows efficient put-away and quick shipment of inventory, making cycle counting as important as shipping and receiving. JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System’s cycle counting process is highly flexible “out of the box” and contains many configurations, including counting tolerance, an adjustment approval process, type of counts, time between identical counts, and counting workflow.

Counting tolerance, for example, allows certain items, such as small parts not weighed to get a count, to be configured with a percent or cost variance as an acceptable accurate count. If the counted inventory falls within the variance, the location does not have to be re-counted, saving valuable time. Using the adjustment approval process configuration can also save time and money. Physical inventory counts may find inventory previously unaccounted for or simply not profiled correctly within the WMS, both of which might normally result in an adjustment or “write-off,” but the adjustment approval configuration requires a supervisor’s approval before the adjustment becomes final, thereby eliminating the surprise and financial waste of such write-offs. Other configurations allow counts to be configured by item, location, or client ID (in the case of a 3PL), and locations can be configured to issue a count when the amount of inventory in that location falls below a specified level.

Many JDA WMS clients that use these cycle counting configurations report increased inventory accuracy over time, so much so that they have been able to eliminate the need for a physical inventory count at the end of the fiscal year. Accelogix has the knowledge and resources to help clients determine and implement the best cycle counting strategy.

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