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What is the main advantage of the JDA RedPrairie MOCA system?

The JDA RedPrairie MOCA architecture is the platform that the JDA RedPrairie system is built on. This architectural framework is the main advantage of JDA RedPrairie. MOCA is a layered architecture; that is, it allows you to build your enhancements separately from the standard product. This permits you to make changes to your enhancements or upgrade your system without interfering with your standard product as they will run parallel to each other. When you upgrade your system, you upgrade the base product, and your enhancements come out the other end intact.

The Accelogix team of supply chain IT professionals have the experience working with the layered architecture of the JDA RedPrairie system on hundreds of JDA RedPrairie implementation projects.

Will enhancements to my JDA RedPrairie WMS have to be changed when I upgrade?

If you have added enhancements to your JDA RedPrairie WMS, you may need to make changes to those enhancements when you upgrade your system. This is not always the case, but there are a number of instances where you might need to make changes to your enhancements, such as in the following scenarios:

  • Queries you wrote in your modifications may need to change to match the new data model in the newer version.
  • Changes in base functionality may require you to make changes to your built on enhancements
  • Changes in your base business requirements may change your approach to how you use your enhancements

Accelogix has assisted small and medium enterprises with enhancement changes and upgrades for JDA RedPrairie WMS that have improved productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.


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