What is the JDA Warehouse (RedPrairie) Work Queue?

Using the JDA RedPrairie Work Queue

The JDA Work Queue is a list of all uncompleted Directed Work tasks, jobs or operations. The warehouse has configured ‘X’ number of Directed Work tasks and they are automatically created and posted to the Work Queue when certain background jobs or processes are completed. The tasks are sorted by priority and are dynamically assigned and completed by authorized users.

In JDA v. 2014 and older, there are two Work Queue screens—Work Queue Operations and Work Queue Display. The Operations screen allows users to manipulate the list of work, while the Display screen is view-only.

What are the Benefits of Work Queue?

The Work Queue is a convenient way for management to view all uncompleted directed work tasks. All uncompleted tasks appear on one screen and are sorted based on priority. While the autonomous nature of the Work Queue is perhaps its greatest advantage, management can hard assign certain users to specific tasks, but should do so with great care.


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