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JDA RedPrairie Training

Do you offer JDA and RedPrairie training?


We do offer JDA RedPrairie training, and the way it usually works is that a customer comes to us with a specific question or problem and we mold a solution. JDA has JDA Learn that trains on broader topics, but our training is more targeted and customer specific. A lot of times we train on technical topics like MOCA, specialized reporting, data driven applications (DDAs), dashboards, or sometimes even a more specific function within a topic. So the training is tailored to what you need.

The method of training is also customized to fit your needs. Training comes in many forms. It can take place virtually, in a classroom setting, or in hands-on workshops, where we’ll come in and work alongside you to guide you through it. We mold what we do to what the need is.

So if someone comes to us and wants 10 IT guys trained on MOCA reports and DDAs, we would put together a curriculum and come down to do an in-person training, and have them actually build reports and DDAs–everything that they would actually put into production.

We also have former trainers on staff who trained at RedPrairie with warehouse setup and functional configuration. So we do have guys who are trained in training people. It just comes down to identifying what you need, and then we will build something for you.

Functional vs. Technical Training

There’s two main categories of training topics, there’s the functional side–configuring the system, working in the system and designing the system–and then there’s the technical side–how do I write code in the system.

Our customers will inherently learn the functional side of things by working with us, because we want to enable our customers to handle any minor issues that may crop up in the system on a day-to-day basis. We are trying to make the customer less dependent on us, and when we don’t have to spend our time setting up every little item we can focus on the more strategic, bigger picture items. So most training is embedded in the process of working with us.

Training for technical topics is more complex and time consuming, but we can make that happen if a business has a strong IT staff that wants to do that. Training for things like writing MOCA, doing interfaces or making custom RF screens will take a little longer, but they can learn by working alongside us.

At the end of the day it’s the customer’s system not ours, so if a customer gets frustrated with it because they don’t know how to run it, there’s a chance they might just get rid of it. We want them to own the system and there’s a pride in ownership, and when they have that pride of ownership in the system, they’re going to be willing to do bigger and better things with it.