Preparing to upgrade RedPrairie WMS?

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Can you handle multi-site upgrades?

Yes, Accelogix has the experience and the technical knowledge needed to perform multi-site upgrades. We approach each multi-site upgrade project the same way we would a single site upgrade to ensure our client’s upgrade is a success. There are a number of different decisions and processes our team works side by side with yours to implement throughout the upgrade process such as:

  • Understanding your business, technology, and functional process models to make sure any needed requirements are included in your upgrade.
  • Working with you to help decide which site to upgrade first. The initial site will take the most design and preparation because it will be the first of many, however each succeeding site should take less time as lessons learned from the first site are applied rapidly and correctly at succeeding sites.

We work in conjunction with your vision for your business which includes your application suite and IT environment architecture. We speak with you about the following aspects of your application and IT architecture:

  • Performance
  • Latency
  • Network configuration
  • Database configuration
  • Any application and functional specific parameters
  • Current issues that may hit one site but not hit another site

We work side by side with your company throughout the whole upgrade process to provide technical support, educational assistance, and guidance from the first meeting through go live, maintenance and support.


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