What is your approach to RedPrairie upgrades?

The Accelogix RedPrairie upgrade approach differs from the standard approach. Our upgrade procedure is the same with any upgrade we deliver.

The typical approach to upgrading a RedPrairie WMS system is to take the existing system and run all of the upgrade scripts that come with the new version. These upgrade scripts help the older version become compatible with the new version. Here’s how we do things differently:

  • First, we stand up the new instance, running it in parallel with the old instance, and then migrate the configuration data from the old version to the new version.
  • Next, we configure the interfaces and make any necessary changes to the interfaces in order to match what is required on the host system.
  • We don’t finish an upgrade project without training the trainer — helping with testing and training of other users.
  • Finally, we go live and move into the support phase.

Having both instances running at the same time allows for the old instance to continue to function properly while we test and work on the new instance. Then when we are ready for the go live and support phase, we can safely turn off the old system and start supporting you on the new one.


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