Separate Test Instances in JDA RedPrairie Projects

Why do I need separate test instances during my JDA RedPrairie IT project?

Having test instances separate from development ones is important because such an approach provides developers an environment where they can test changes to the system without having to worry about interrupting the quality assurance teams who could be testing other functionality. If development and testing activities are combined in one instance, development and quality assurance (QA) efforts are likely to conflict at times, which can extend development cycles.

The Accelogix approach to supply chain IT execution has been created to minimize disruption to your business while making sure that your new implementation runs as smoothly as possible before its go-live date.

Accelogix instance recommendations

Accelogix recommends standing up separate development and test instances in separate physical or virtual server environments. Some supply chain IT systems, like JDA RedPrairie WMS, are capable of running multiple application instances on one server. However, server resource constraints and terminal session limitations usually result in bottlenecks.


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