The Accelogix Approach to Project Staffing

The Accelogix approach to staffing a software implementation plan varies based on the supply chain IT execution project. There are a number of different project scenarios we work with, with a separate staffing strategy for each one:

Staffing for a new software implementation plan:

For this type of software implementation plan, we typically provide a solution architect to your company. The solution architect is your functional operational expert who will lead your business process design and serve as your point person throughout the project. For any system enhancements or interface work, we provide a technical project lead and developers that are solely dedicated to your project.

Small interface changes without modifications:

For this type of project, we staff either a technical lead or a technical consultant depending upon the complexity of your business.

More complex projects (Modifications and Enhancements):

When you have a project of this nature, we provide a dedicated technical team. Your team consists of a technical lead and two developers depending on your need. These teams are used for large-scale projects, in which the team continues to modify and enhance the system as necessary to automate your workflows and processes. We find that our clients prefer a dedicated technical team, so that there is no need to keep teaching new consultants how their business works.

Existing implementations:

For our process improvement customers or after-market services customers, we have managed several unique scenarios. Here’s how we have staffed these particular implementation project issues:

  • For process or operational issues, we provide your company with a solution architect.
  • For a technical issue, we provide your company with a technical project lead.
  • When there are both process and technical issues, we provide both a technical architect and a solution architect to help resolve any issues.

The goal of your supply chain software implementation plan

Our whole goal is to staff a software implementation plan from start to finish with the same people. Accelogix has always been driven to deliver long-term relationships and consistency. The way we achieve these goals is by having the same team engaged, learning your business, and working with your company from start to finish on a project. This approach to project staffing ensures you receive exceptional service and have a personalized, straightforward experience.

Our consultants strive to learn as much about your company’s operations as possible; we want them to know what you know. So, if you call us to say you’re experiencing problems with a certain aspect of your program, we will already know what you are talking about. This way we can provide you the proper solution to fix your issue, fast.


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