We have been using manual reports but want to automate going forward. Can you develop system-generated reports and documentation like the VICS BOL?

Accelogix has expertise in all versions of Active Reports and Jasper reports used by JDA RedPrairie WMS. We have developed almost every type of report and label for our clients including:

  • Transaction audit
  • Carrier Performance
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Operational KPI Dashboards
  • Vendor Compliance Labels

The VICS BOL can be an especially complex report to build if your business manages inconsistent freight terms, carriers, or goods types, but JDA WMS includes a template bill of lading report that we can adapt to your needs. If your shipping office has been generating manual BOLs, the labor savings and consistency almost always justifies the investment. In addition, we can support integration with bill of lading and signature capture software. We have built capable solutions within JDA RedPrairie as well, but these are good options if you want searchable electronic records of shipping reports.


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