Automate Differently Part 1: Why Software is the Future of Automation

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Join industry experts, Seth Patin, CEO Accelogix & LogistiVIEW, John Stikes, VP Automation for Accelogix, and Lance Anderson, CRO & VP Market Development for LogistiVIEW during this round table discussion hosted by Accelogix that will highlight the LogistiVIEW Software Automation Platform.

Watch this preview for a quick introduction to software automation

In this inaugural installment of a 4 part webinar series you’ll discover:

  • The new ‘Digital Workforce’: Humans + Robots + AI
  • The difference between a WES/WCS and a true Software Automation Platform
  • How DCs can effectively deploy new technology alongside legacy equipment
  • Next steps to create a flexible supply chain that reacts to business changes instead of modeling, projecting, and guessing at what the future holds

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