Automate Differently: Why Software is the Future of Automation

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Physical automation alone will not build a high-performing warehouse. To succeed at scale, you need smart automation orchestrated with precision across humans, robots, machines, and AI – a collaborative digital workforce optimized by intelligent workflows.

The right Warehouse Software Automation Platform will enable supply chain leaders to stop trying to predict the future and start reacting to business changes in a way that drives competitive advantage.

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This inaugural installment of a 4 part webinar series will:

  • Define the new ‘Digital Workforce’ of Humans + Robots + AI
  • Clarify the difference between a WES/WCS and a true Software Automation Platform
  • Demonstrate how DCs can effectively deploy new technology alongside legacy equipment
  • Create a flexible supply chain that reacts to business changes instead of modeling, projecting, and guessing at what the future holds

Join industry experts, Seth Patin, CEO Accelogix & LogistiVIEW, John Stikes, VP Automation for Accelogix, and Lance Anderson, CRO & VP Market Development for LogistiVIEW during this round table discussion hosted by Accelogix that will highlight the LogistiVIEW Software Automation Platform.

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