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Warehouse Innovation focused on the Worker

Technology Evaluation, ROI Analysis, and Selection | System Design | Process Engineering | Systems Implementation and Integration | Operational Consulting

Workforce enablement technologies are essential to improving productivity in the modern warehouse. The imperative now is determining how these technologies will complement human workers – tapping into mobility’s responsiveness on-the-go, complexity distilled into action plans, and people fused with data, the challenge lies in engineering your most powerful combination of change.

With an entire suite of services to guide your organization, Accelogix empowers frontline workers to drive informed, dynamic decisions anywhere they work.

Technology Evaluation, ROI Analysis, and Selection

Mobility and Vision Picking offer incredible power to raise performance across a warehouse. But getting from idea to ROI takes thorough discovery and analysis to build the plan best suited to your business goals. Accelogix guides you through the questions and answers needed to capitalize on these workforce enablement technologies. 

System Design

For mobility and vision picking to take root within a warehouse, it all starts with how the system is designed. When connecting people, process, and technology, the right design is the key to expedite time to value. Accelogix applies expert engineering and decades of warehouse insight to design your systems for maximum operational impact. Factoring in the needs of current systems alongside future technologies and the people using them, you’ll have a master plan aligning all forces for a mobile, connected workforce strengthening performance task by task.

Experts in designing systems at every level of technology readiness, Accelogix is the bridge between your current and future state. Reach out to us to discuss your system needs and the best design for your operation.

Process Engineering

You can’t google a playbook for launching mobility and AR in a warehouse – especially when working with legacy systems. So how do you build the process and go-live plan that will synchronize new technology, people and infrastructure, specific to your DC? Accelogix helps you change everything about the technologies inside your warehouse, without risking legacy systems or stability of a single operation.

System Implementation and Integration

How did one warehouse reinvent operations with Augmented Reality to beat bottlenecks and save peak season? Read the case study to find out

The unspoken fear of implementing new technologies is how new meets old – and what instability that may bring. Could one small change disrupt a system with protracted, painful integrations as a result? In supply chains, new must meet old as a cohesive force. And for implementing new technologies central to operations, the connections must be air-tight.

Accelogix de-risks your path to launch merging a deep understanding of software integrations with legacy technologies to ensure implementations are set for success.

Operational Consulting

Keeping operations running today while staying focused on the future is more than a full-time job. How do you keep moving from point A to B, while future-proofing with capabilities yet to even enter the market? Accelogix is here for you in the long-haul, supporting where you’re at today, and what’s needed to reach the next level.

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