Accelogix and LogistiVIEW co-presented the Connected Supply Chain at MODEX 2018

MODEX 2018

April 9-12, 2018
Smart City Logistics & Connected Supply Chain
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA

Accelogix and LogistiVIEW at MODEX 2018

Featured Seminar

Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses: The Future of Humans in the Automated Supply Chain

How will Human Labor stay competitive in supply chain? There is extensive hype around Artificial Intelligence and the impending Robotic revolution. From businesses hoping to save millions by eliminating labor spend to supply chain workers fearful of losing their jobs, hopes and fears are based mostly on misinformation. The truth lies somewhere in the middle and the best supply chains will strike a delicate balance between highly optimized human labor and intelligent automation. Learn how Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality will seamlessly connect humans, computers, and robots to drive new levels of supply chain efficiency.

How Accelogix can help you:

Accelogix is a Value-Added Reseller of JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management (WMS) software and Warehouse Labor Management (WLM) software. Founded and managed by RedPrairie consultants—software and logistics experts with decades of combined experience—the Accelogix team is ready to help you with every aspect of your JDA RedPrairie IT rollout, including Project Planning and Discovery, Implementation and Configuration, Enhancements and Development, and Production Support

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Featured Innovation Partner

Augmented reality and wearable devices redefine the limits of human efficiency in enterprise operations by freeing workers’ hands and providing them with intuitive visual instructions. Founded by logistics industry veterans, the team at LogistiVIEW knows the challenges and opportunities of enterprise IT first hand. Decades of experience implementing industry leading supply chain software led us to realize that most IT solutions necessarily trade human efficiency for data integrity. We believe that tradeoff is unacceptable. Over a decade ago, observations of lost efficiency led to a question that has become the ethos for LogistiVIEW’s solutions: What if your critical business systems could SEE? Based on that radical question, we have built the revolutionary VIEW platform to simplify the execution of operational processes leveraging next-generation technology. LogistiVIEW makes a workforce faster, smarter, safer, and more accurate than ever before.

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