Accelogix and LogistiVIEW Showcase Vision Pick and Put Wall

ProMat 2019

Information Technology Solution Center
McCormick Place, Chicago
Booth #S5268

Accelogix is proud to be exhibiting with LogistiVIEW, a 2-time MHI Best IT Innovation Award Finalist!  Stop by and experience our shared vision for the future of your supply chain and evaluate your readiness to transform your business with the evolving demands of your customers.

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Accelogix and LogistiVIEW at MODEX 2018

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Reinventing Pick/Put-To-Light: How Augmented Reality Delivered Cost-Effective and Flexible Automation in less than 90 Days

Speaker: Seth Patin, CEO and Founder, LogistiVIEW & Accelogix
Date & Time: Wednesday, 4/10 12:00pm
Location: Theater E

Learn how one omni-channel warehouse:

  • Equipped workers with Augmented Reality, smart glasses, and powerful visual instructions to take 15% load off their conveyer, avoiding costly bottlenecks during holiday peak;
  • Created visual put walls that can be adjusted on the fly to meet business needs for today and future unknowns;
  • Went from idea to full production in 90 days – reinventing their order fulfillment in time for peak season rush.

For most warehouses, pick/put to light means fixed physical infrastructure built on today’s business assumptions. But the reality is your business is changing all the time. So how do you automate for the future? “Flexible automation” combines your warehouse workforce with Augmented Reality smart glasses and compelling visual instructions. The end result is virtual pick/put walls that can easily be scaled, moved, expanded and adjusted to business needs of tomorrow by changing software configuration. Fewer bolts, fewer brick & mortar fixed assets. Best of all, it’s not “the future”, you can do this today!

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