White Paper: Next-Generation Warehouse Automation Means AI-Enabled Software (and Tech-Enabled People)

Learn more about several myths in warehouse automation about speed vs efficiency, wave-based processing, and fixed path machines. learn more

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How to leverage advanced technologies for sustained value has become the defining business challenge of our time. If time and money were unlimited, machines would do it all.

But in the real world, you’re contending with real budgets, real timelines, and the threat of constantly changing consumer behavior. At Accelogix, we believe automation should be cost-effective, flexible, and people-inclusive so you can install, scale, and adapt today. If you agree, we’ve got ideas for you.

Experts in software, strategy, and process engineering built on hundreds of complex customer rollouts from conveyor to advanced sorters and ASRS, Accelogix is your partner to navigate the hype and identify the right technologies for competitiveness and sustainable growth.


Presentation: Warehouse Orchestration and The Flexible Future of Automation

In this pre-recorded seminar, Seth Patin, CEO of Accelogix & LogistiVIEW, dispels several myths in warehouse automation about speed vs efficiency, wave-based processing, and fixed path machines.

He also presents how the next generation of execution software and flexible automation will dramatically improve productivity in the coming years.

Quick Chapter Access:

0:05 – Presentation Introduction
0:42 – Speaker & Company Introduction
1:40 – Debunking Warehouse Automation Myths
2:51 – The Difference Between Speed and Efficiency
4:45 – Why Siloed Automation Creates Bottlenecks
6:26 – The Risks of Fixed Path Automation
9:27 – Why People Are The Key to Flexibility
11:25 – The Benefits of Software-based Automation
13:48 – Orchestrating Humans, Robots, and AI

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Companion White Paper: Next-Generation Warehouse Automation Means AI-Enabled Software (and Tech-Enabled People)


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Ryan Kirklewski, Accelogix COO, explains why true warehouse optimization requires proper flow control of all tasks across your entire operation and consideration of four factors: process, people, systems, and automation.

Featured Warehouse Execution Solution: Logistiview

Seamlessly integrate collaborative robotics, automation and human workers with low-code workflows and modern mobility – without changing your legacy systems

  • Capture and track key business data with custom data objects
  • Implement the optimal process with the right device for the task
  • Integration supported for current host systems through web services, file, and other communication methods
  • Remote assistance and training with Zoom integration

Learn more about LogistiVIEW


IDC predicts: By 2023, 60% of G2000 manufacturers will invest in AI-infused robotic process automation to automate tasks through increased productivity and address supply chain skills deficit.

In today’s always-on economy, building a responsive supply chain is a complex challenge. For many warehouses, automation is a constraint – bolted down to yesterday’s needs, out of touch with today’s demands. What if there was an easy way to pair technology with core business capabilities enabling your company to keep pace while adapting to the rapidly changing digital landscape?

Learn More: What kind of warehouse automation systems are right for us and what are my options?

Watch this video to hear our CEO, Seth Patin, and Steve Simmerman of Blue Yonder discuss the evolving role of WMS and automation.


Robots are fast becoming a staple on the warehouse floor, but there’s still a gap between potential and performance when it comes to results. With six-figure sums at stake when robots aren’t implemented correctly, the #1 challenge remains how to coordinate people and process into a single workforce.

Accelogix identifies the synergies between robots and people to deliver increased speed, accuracy and throughput. Using advanced software-driven processes, our team will drive to produce compelling performance improvements.

Learn More: What is the difference between AGV and AMR warehouse robots?

In this video, our VP of Industry Strategy, Diane Jordan, presents a few of the latest warehouse automation and robotics technologies at MODEX 2020.

Technology Selection & System Design

Assembly Magazine: Over $90,000 per employee, per year, is thrown away due to improper implementation of collaborative robots.

Today’s automation and robotics solutions offer leaps forward – when they’re applied the right way.  But for the realities of your particular DC, how do you find the combination of technologies required, and tie everything together to secure the outcomes you need?

Learn More: How can we implement warehouse automation if our business is changing rapidly?

Accelogix will guide you through the selection process of the best automation and robotics options to fit your needs – then design, execute, and deliver the integrated plan to unlock results.

Process Engineering & Implementation

No system lives alone – especially inside a warehouse where it converges with people and process at rapid-fire pace. How do you bring in automation and robotics in a way that syncs across your WMS, TMS, LMS, and can be used by the workforce to drive operations efficiently?

Learn More: How should we approach building our warehouse automation processes?

Enhancements, Expansions, Improvements

For technology to be truly valuable, it must constantly evolve – just like your business. Accelogix is your partner to stay ahead of the changing ways that technology can continue to deliver value – today, and across each phase of your journey ahead.

From delivering enhancements to add new features, to expanding your solution set to support new requirements across operations, to improving on how you extract value from each tool, we’ll have you covered. With an eye on the leading edge, we’ll ensure you’re evolving and growing with a logical, sequenced, future-proofed strategy executed with precision.

Operational Consulting

When technology is table stakes, what gives one company an edge on the rest? Those that think differently, using front-line expertise to approach problems in new ways.

In technology-enabled environments like supply chain today, every person and every business unit is affected and must adjust process accordingly.  It takes a unique skill set and shared vision to keep the momentum across process changes.

At this critical juncture, you need a partner you can rely on – to be accountable for ensuring the successful development and implementation of solutions, as well as capturing expected benefits and iterating.

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