Not necessarily. You may also use public or private cloud if your network is fast enough.

Should we purchase servers or use the Cloud?

Before redundant high-speed broadband became commonplace, it was very risky to run business critical production systems like WMS on a WAN or public cloud. Latency was high or inconsistent and outages kept orders from shipping. Servers usually had to be in on-site data centers to ensure automation could run reliably and that orders would go out the door.

Although we still have a few customers with on-site servers due to limited broadband availability, it is less common these days and many companies are running multi-site instances of WMS in a company data center or cloud provider. If you have invested in enterprise broadband, the next consideration is the real cost of infrastructure. Even though “cloud” has become a buzzword, not many people understand the difference between private and public cloud, and the cost factors involved. Many companies plan to use a public Cloud provider like AWS, but are surprised by the relatively high cost of enterprise-grade resources in a public Cloud. Accelogix has partnered with an enterprise-grade datacenter to offer a cost-effective private cloud alternative called Accelogix Cloud. Whether you use our managed private cloud services or not, our on-staff infrastructure experts can help you make the right decision for your company.


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