Unsure of where to get RF devices or which ones you will need?

You have a few good choices for RF barcode scanners. It all depends on your processes.

The short answer is that you can technically use almost any device with a decent Telnet emulator. Most software vendors, including JDA, have hardware teams that can assist you with device purchase and support. For our part, we have seen everything from green screen emulators to iPod Touches. Telnet has remained popular with enterprise WMS vendors partly because of its stability and partly because so much of the ruggedized device market still runs these programs. Hardware manufacturers are, however, starting to offer Android devices that offer smaller, lighter footprints that are better for e-commerce each picking operations.

If your floor processes don’t need the full interactive features of RF scanners, you do have other options like voice picking, smart glass wearables, and lightweight mobile applications. We are passionate about supply chain technology and would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


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