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JDA WMS and Accelogix: The WMS platform capable of supporting every growth stage.

RedPrairie is JDA

Accelogix resells and implements JDA (formerly RedPrairie) Warehouse Management (WMS) and Labor (LMS). Our team of experts provides end-to-end guidance from hardware selection to facility layout and employs a lean implementation approach that reduces total project costs.

JDA Warehouse Management

With over 30 years worth of history in the industry, JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Inventory Management System (WMS) is known as one of the top solutions on the market and is a consistent leader on the Gartner WMS Magic Quadrant. Whether you are a disruptive e-commerce startup or an established firm in need of a replacement for legacy warehouse systems, JDA WMS can scale to your needs and has supported companies ranging from Inc 5000 to the Fortune 100.

JDA Warehouse Labor Management

If yours is like most operations, direct labor is the primary cost factor you can control. Even when the warehouse management system is configured for maximum process efficiency, how can you be sure that your associates are completing their tasks in the most efficient way possible?

JDA’s best-in-class warehouse labor management system works seamlessly with WMS to help you track and compare worker productivity against job standards and peer performance. With JDA WMS and Labor, you won’t just know how much work was completed – you will also know how quickly and efficiently it was done. This knowledge will enable you to train, incentivize, and plan for exceptional warehouse associate performance.

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Learn how Accelogix client Dot Foods uses JDA WMS

“JDA [WMS] is very important to us; it’s running a very large part of our business. Some of the benefits..have been the ability to keep up with our customers and to continue to do complex things that differentiate us in the market…”
Troy Schenk, Warehouse Systems Manager, Dot Foods

Accelogix as a JDA Value-Added Reseller

“Accelogix has helped us build solutions that not only meet the needs of current customers but are scalable to meet the needs of future business as well.”
Jon Francis, Director of Information Technology, MD Logistics

Accelogix is a JDA value-added reseller that specializes in implementing JDA Red Prairie WMS and WLM for ambitious and innovative companies. We make adopting new technology easier by focusing on what your business needs now rather than trying to implement features you may not use until later in your growth path. We focus on simplicity and efficiency which enables us to implement WMS and WLM on a cash flow-friendly budget. Don’t have a huge IT staff or a data center? Our affordable Accelogix Cloud platform is designed to provide an enterprise grade data center experience as an expertly managed service at a fraction of the cost of buying the servers and hiring professionals to run them. With Accelogix Cloud, JDA and Accelogix have made JDA RedPrairie WMS even more accessible to growth companies ready to take their operation to the next level.


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Warehouse and Labor Management Product Brochure

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Technology is Necessary to Compete in Omni-Channel

In today’s world there is no need to compromise on a system that you’ll probably outgrow in three years. Count on Accelogix and JDA to deliver a competitive advantage with long-term scalability, regardless of your growth stage. In doing so, you can avoid the risk and cost of implementing systems that cannot scale and lack critical features.

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