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Frequently Asked Questions about JDA WMS (and WMS implementations in general)

Questions about your WMS implementation? Accelogix has answers!


The Accelogix team of supply chain IT professionals includes operations veterans, solutions architects, software engineers, and technical consultants who have worked on hundreds of JDA RedPrairie software implementation projects. Our team’s experience spans across multiple project roles and perspectives. Many of us have been the customer in the past and experienced the business transformation of a supply chain project first hand. Others have worked for RedPrairie as implementers, trainers, and software developers. We understand the many critical tasks that need to take place to achieve success and we bring that experience to guiding your project.

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Below are some of the questions we are most frequently asked by companies preparing for a WMS implementation.

Vendor Selection

How much will a WMS project cost?
How does support and maintenance work?
Can we implement shipping software for small parcel shipments?

Hardware & IT

Will we need to buy new servers?
How and where do we get RF barcode scanners?

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