Managed Cloud Services for Mid-Market Enterprise Software

Affordable Cloud for Small and Medium Enterprises


Accelogix Cloud enables growing SMBs to derive strategic advantage from their enterprise software solutions—in less time, with lower risk, and at an improved cost.

Achieve and maintain long-term value in your software investments with the Accelogix Cloud delivery platform. From rapid deployment to ongoing optimization, our customers benefit from a synthesis of our:

  • Technology
  • Support
  • System Management
  • Industry and Solution Expertise

Proven Value

We believe that enterprise private Cloud should not be prohibitively expensive. Small and medium enterprises poised for explosive growth can be hampered without the right technology—technology that usually requires large capital expense payouts. And we’ve seen many businesses settle for “solutions” that won’t help them truly innovate, because enterprise-grade packages seem out of reach.

Accelogix Cloud delivers a highly scalable, fully redundant, and fully virtualized delivery platform at a fraction of the cost usually associated with enterprise Cloud, by leveraging:

  • Dell Networking, Server and Storage technologies
  • Microsoft Virtualization, OS, and Database Management System software

Private Cloud Lowers Risk

We understand that enterprise data security is your number one concern—because it’s also ours. Our own business relies on cloud for key departments, and we are not alone. Over 82% of small businesses have saved costs with cloud services (Source: Forbes, Roundup of Small & Medium Business Cloud Computing Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2015).

Accelogix partners with a leader in enterprise data center management to ensure our data centers comply with numerous industry security standards and we have selected enterprise-grade security appliances with advanced threat prevention to both identify attempts at unauthorized access and prevent those attempts from resulting in a breach of your data.

Built for Reliability and Performance

Architecture is the key differentiator in Cloud service reliability. That is why we designed Accelogix Cloud from the ground up to be fully redundant and highly available. Every link in our infrastructure is fault and failure tolerant.

Our experience developing hundreds of supply chain IT solutions has taught us to take performance very seriously. Security and reliability cannot come at the cost of performance, as every second counts in your warehouse or distribution center. We have invested in technologies that give Accelogix Cloud the high performance, scalability and reliability you must have to succeed in competitive climates.

  • Multiple WAN ISPs
  • Full Virtualization
  • Converged Fabric Multipath Storage Area Network
  • Converged Fabric Multipath LAN
  • Failover Clustering for high availability
  • Off-Site Disaster Recovery

Managed Services for Better Productivity

We’re willing to bet that hearing that 68% of small business owners put in more than 40 hours a week at work would not surprise you. Senior small and medium-sized business teams are tasked with financial, human resources, marketing and administration tasks that enterprise execs can’t even imagine—putting the squeeze on the amount of time they can spend with their customers. The toughest tasks of all are usually IT related.

As you grow, your IT needs become more complex, and the need for dedicated IT support grows more urgent. Enterprise-grade software represents a major investment in your business, and can make or break your reputation with your customers. Doesn’t it make sense to entrust its management to experts?

Accelogix Cloud is built on decades of experience in enterprise software and IT management. We keep your software running smoothly so you can focus on running your business:

    • 24/7 Monitoring and Support
    • Fully Managed Infrastructure
    • Fully Managed Security Patching
    • Fully Managed Compliance Reporting

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