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Accelogix serves a variety of companies within the cold chain storage industry, ranging from seafood vendors to pharmaceutical distributors. Our supply chain experts understand the complexities of cold chain storage, and have delivered solutions that help cold storage facilities efficiently manage their temperature-sensitive inventory from arrival to departure.

Whether you are storing vaccines, biologics, produce, or frozen food, the challenges of cold chain storage are the same across the board. Cold storage operations face unique business constraints not present in traditional dry storage operations. Higher rates of energy consumption, restricted zone movements, and stricter inventory requirements means higher labor and operating costs, which severely impacts profit margins. Cold chain facilities, perhaps more than any other industry, must optimize their processes to remain competitive and profitable.

Accelogix understands these challenges and has the technical and operational experience to help design and deploy the best possible solution to your problems. We’ve helped companies optimize their cold chain processes through system-directed workflows that adhere to strict temperature zone and inventory movement restrictions. Refrigerated docking zones and seamless integrations with ambient temperature carriers ensure inventory is always within the acceptable temperature range and the cold chain remains unbroken.

Our team understands the unique challenges of cold supply chain in multiple verticals, including food and beverage, grocery, pharmaceutical, and 3PL.

3PL (Third Party Logistics)

Cold storage 3PLs are often challenged with managing different types of cold inventory, each with their own set of requirements. Our solutions help 3PLs improve their processes and preserve their cold chains by:

  • Minimizing dock retention times for inventory
  • Optimizing daily dock schedules and trailer temperatures
  • Providing automated and accurate client billing
  • Supplying value added services, such as tempering and kitting
  • Generating KPI and Inventory reports

3PLs must streamline the storage, retrieval, and transportation of cold inventory to deliver the highest quality service for their customers and keep their operation running profitably.

Food and Beverage/Grocery

We’ve helped food and beverage distributors minimize wasted inventory with smarter store replenishment strategies designed to get products on shelves faster and keep them there longer. The system takes into account all inventory and zone restrictions when directing workers through complex storage and retrieval tasks. System-directed tasks ensure frozen and refrigerated goods are properly separated, and integrations with warehouse automation systems streamline the storage and retrieval process.


Accelogix has extensive experience navigating the complex requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We helped MD Logistics integrate their JDA RedPrairie WMS with Agile TMS to meet new pharmaceutical serialization regulations. On the technical side, the shipping software integration facilitates the transfer of documents to fulfil federal track and trace requirements. On the operational side, the software coordinates with the WMS and ambient temperature carriers to ensure pharmaceuticals are kept at 2-8°C throughout the pick, pack, and ship process—and does so at the lowest possible shipping rate.

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