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Designed to give you control over your processes. Optimize current state and prepare for the future.

Drawing on decades of systems integration experience, we created an execution system using a different approach than existing warehouse and light manufacturing systems – a system that goes beyond data management to orchestrate processes that help solve the distribution challenges of the 21st century supply chain.

The result is an open platform that empowers your associates, enhances your current systems, and enables future growth.

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  • Automatically prioritizes order execution to meet shipping needs
  • Considers key business rules &
    operational variables for dynamic
    planning specific to your operations
  • Employs Real Time, Next Best Decision to
    automatically react to changing priorities


  • Dynamically releases work to achieve
    best overall warehouse efficiency
  • Balances work to reduces points of
    congestion & drive overall performance
  • Adjusts based on current constraints
    (volumes, labor, congestion, etc)
  • Provides alternative processes


  • Efficient execution of tasks based on
    prioritization & work authorization
  • Easy to understand; presents next step
    into actionable instructions
  • Voice & AR out of the box
  • Flexible – Adjusts to constraints / changing


Presentation: Warehouse Orchestration and The Flexible Future of Automation

In this pre-recorded seminar, Seth Patin, CEO of Accelogix & LogistiVIEW, dispels several myths in warehouse automation about speed vs efficiency, wave-based processing, and fixed path machines.

He also presents how the next generation of execution software and flexible automation will dramatically improve productivity in the coming years.

Quick Chapter Access:

0:05 – Presentation Introduction
0:42 – Speaker & Company Introduction
1:40 – Debunking Warehouse Automation Myths
2:51 – The Difference Between Speed and Efficiency
4:45 – Why Siloed Automation Creates Bottlenecks
6:26 – The Risks of Fixed Path Automation
9:27 – Why People Are The Key to Flexibility
11:25 – The Benefits of Software-based Automation
13:48 – Orchestrating Humans, Robots, and AI

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Companion White Paper: Next-Generation Warehouse Automation Means AI-Enabled Software (and Tech-Enabled People)



Optimize your processes. Future-proof your operation.

Many businesses these days are trying to solve for current needs but are nervous about adding another tier of unintegrated point solutions to their house of cards. Our execution platform provides a solid foundation to implement end-to-end integrated workflows that optimize material flow, enhance your competitive advantages, and drive holistic efficiency.

What you do now. Transformed.



People. Process. Technology – Seamlessly Aligned

Every company’s automation journey is unique. Unless your operation is lights out, you’ll get the best outcomes with processes and systems that take your human associates into account from the beginning. Our platform orchestrates processes across human workers, fixed automation (PTL, GTP, ASRS), and flexible solutions like AMRs to deliver quicker ROI with less risk to your operation and bottom line.

Start realizing the benefits of new technologies without limiting future options.

Recommended Blog: Rethinking Warehouse Automation: Achieving True Warehouse Optimization

Ryan Kirklewski, Accelogix COO, explains why true warehouse optimization requires proper flow control of all tasks across your entire operation and consideration of four factors: process, people, systems, and automation.


The world changes quickly. You need systems that can keep up.

The last 20 years have radically changed the landscape of commerce and introduced the term “black swan” to common vernacular. When unplanned opportunities and challenges emerge, you want systems that can pivot with you to meet the need. LogistiVIEW’s patented workflow engine enables companies to implement new processes, or update existing ones, with a fraction of the development effort typically required for other leading execution systems.

You can finally have the processes you want.



Break down silos with open communication.

Are you struggling to integrate control systems that only want to talk to one vendor’s hardware or data management systems that still prefer to communicate like it’s Y2K? Our open platform provides a central hub for integration, visibility, and optimization. We focus on powering better processes – not on vendor exclusivity.

Let’s get your systems talking.

Featured Solution: Vision+ Pick and Put Wall

Eliminate the upfront hardware investment of traditional pick to light systems, scale quickly with volume changes, and optimize work execution holistically with Vision+ Pick and Put Wall, powered by LogistiVIEW.


Demonstration – Vision+ Picking powered by LogistiVIEW – Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses

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Experience a more detailed demo of Vision+ picking processes and learn more about LogistiVIEW’s platform without an appointment.


Case Study

How did one apparel retailer’s warehouse reinvent operations with LogistiVIEW to beat bottlenecks and save peak season? Watch the case study below to find out!


Save time and cost with low-code workflows

Every business system (even Excel) requires implementation of some kind. However, the end has finally come for the traditional mega-suite process requiring standard product fit-gap analysis followed by massive “adaptation” estimates. The reality is that the processes that set your company apart will never fit into a “standard” product – so why would you implement them in systems that aren’t built for it? As supply chain software veterans, we designed our platform to do things differently. The patented workflow engine and visual flow chart interface streamlines complex data flows and provides standard user interfaces across all devices.

Standard platform. Endless potential. See results faster.


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