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Automate warehouse flow control with people, robots, and AI working seamlessly together.

Extend the capabilities of your warehouse systems and empower your associates with the first execution system to optimize human participation as a core part of warehouse automation.

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Accelogix is a professional services firm specializing in software-driven warehouse automation and a trusted implementation partner for the LogistiVIEW platform. Click here to visit the LogistiVIEW website directly in a new window.


What can LogistiVIEW do for my operation today?

  • Optimize work batching, tasking, and execution with constant work prioritization and dynamic zones
  • Integrate and orchestrate new innovation like robotics and vision picking through LogistiVIEW without needing to modify existing systems
  • Provide flexible, software-driven alternatives to traditional hardware automation
    • Pick to Light Systems
    • Voice Picking Systems
    • Goods to Person
  • Extend the capabilities and lifespan of existing data capture systems with a LogistiVIEW frontline user experience that includes leading-edge mobile and web technologies
  • Drive operational flexibility in frontline processes by eliminating custom application development
  • Deliver a consistent user experience to simplify training and onboarding regardless of changes or upgrades in other systems
  • Enable faster response to business and process changes with IT-friendly low-code workflow design
  • Preserve system upgrade paths by moving code modifications out of host systems into LogistiVIEW’s configurable workflow engine


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Featured Solution: Vision+ Pick and Put Wall

Eliminate the upfront hardware investment of traditional pick to light systems, scale quickly with volume changes, and optimize work execution holistically with Vision+ Pick and Put Wall, powered by LogistiVIEW.



Demonstration – Vision+ Picking powered by LogistiVIEW – Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses

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Experience a more detailed demo of Vision+ picking processes and learn more about LogistiVIEW’s platform without an appointment.


Case Study

How did one apparel retailer’s warehouse reinvent operations with LogistiVIEW to beat bottlenecks and save peak season? Watch the case study below to find out!

How are all of my processes supported by LogistiVIEW?

Any process that can be modeled in a flow chart can be configured in the Logistiview Workbench. The visual Workbench interface and our extensive library of template workflows shortens development to days, or even hours, and can cut once-costly change requests down to just minutes.

  • Warehouse data capture workflows from receiving to dispatch
  • Capture and track key business data with custom data objects
  • Remote assistance and training with Zoom integration
  • Integration supported for host systems through web services, file, and other communication methods
  • Implement the optimal process with the right device for the task
    • Smart glasses / handheld / PC
    • Android: Zebra / Realwear / Vuzix / Samsung
    • iOS 13+
    • Web forms on any modern mobile or desktop web browser


LogistiVIEW’s powerful, flexible, and host-agnostic task engine optimizes how tasks are executed, fills operational gaps, and allows the operation to flex for peaks.

Orchestration and task execution is driven by the platform’s patent-pending workflow engine and unique codeless Workbench interface. The Workbench tool represents an operational process, driven by any combination of human interaction, collaborative robotics, or cloud AI, as an easily understood flow chart.

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