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We’ve been in the warehouse systems space for a long time and have implemented leading systems for some of the largest companies in the world. We know that systems of record, like WMS and ERP, manage data very well (orders, POs, shipments, etc.), but data management requires consistent processes that often result in siloed visibility and don’t always translate to reality on the floor.

As a result, most non-standard floor processes, warehouse resource management, or technology integrations require expensive modifications to standard logic. These changes can be very complicated and add a lot of cost to implementation and maintenance fees – or might not be supported at all by some vendors.

In fact, as WMS and ERP vendors move more of their core business logic into the cloud, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to engineer the processes your operation needs to gain, and maintain, a competitive advantage.

LogistiVIEW Vision+ Picking for Smart Glasses and Enterprise Wearables

So how can you implement the processes and technologies you want while maintaining flexibility for future needs and avoiding unnecessary complexity in your existing system of record?

By implementing LogistiVIEW – an open platform purpose-built for orchestrating warehouse execution across humans, automation, and cloud AI.

If you are looking for a new way to optimize inventory processes, order picking, resource scheduling, or implement a new technology, our team would love to work with you. Contact us today to start the conversation.

Watch this video for a quick introduction to how LogistiVIEW can help you.

Have a couple extra minutes for more detail? Click here to watch a 3-minute platform overview.


Accelogix is a professional services firm specializing in software-driven warehouse automation and a trusted implementation partner for the LogistiVIEW platform. Click here to visit the LogistiVIEW website directly in a new window.

How did one apparel retailer’s warehouse reinvent operations with LogistiVIEW to beat bottlenecks and save peak season? Watch and read the case study below to find out!

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