The hands-free benefits of voice evolved for the new digital workforce

What if you could get all the hands-free benefits of voice with the added certainty of visual cues and the flexibility of a software automation platform? Now you can with LogistiVIEW.

Activating several human senses at one time, the audio-visual combination make it 100% clear what to do.

No more searching for the next wall location. No memorized check digits.

Receiving inputs on multiple fronts through enterprise mobile devices, like smart glasses, the worker not only hears a cue, but sees graphical-based overlays directly on their environment for visual reinforcement at the same time.

AR-based location guidance and confirmation. UOM-specific image display to improve pick accuracy.

For a picker responsible for sourcing hundreds of items from near-identical shelving and packages that all look the same from the outside, this degree of clarity is a game-changer. Cutting through the complexity to zero in on the item needed – they can now retrieve what they need faster, and correctly the first time, every time.

Compare Vision+ to Traditional Voice Picking Systems

Compare Vision+ Picking and Voice Systems

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LogistiVIEW Demonstration – Vision+ Picking – Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses

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Case Study – Vision Pick and Put Wall

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The LogistiVIEW Platform

Vision+ solutions are powered by the LogistiVIEW software automation platform, a transformational evolution in warehouse flow control that drives efficiency through seamless orchestration of processes across humans, robots, and AI.

LogistiVIEW’s powerful, flexible, and host-agnostic task engine optimizes how tasks are executed, fills operational gaps, and allows the operation to flex for peaks.


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