Remote Collaboration for Today's Digital Workforce

What if you could collaborate with your frontline workers via Zoom on your current hardware without pausing work execution? Now you can with LogistiVIEW OnSite.

These days, remote collaboration is essential. With LogistiVIEW, it can be efficient too.

No more switching back and forth between apps. No more waiting for a connection.

Collaborate with remote experts in the same platform used to execute frontline work.

  • Work execution powered by LogistiVIEW’s software automation platform. Collaboration powered by Zoom.
  • Connect unlimited remote attendees to LogistiVIEW-powered devices
  • Observe the user experience and process as it is executed to train and identify opportunities
  • Supports enterprise Android hardware
    • Smart glasses
    • Handhelds

2021 MHI Innovation Award Finalist – Best Innovation of an Existing Product

Featured Solution: Vision+ Picking and Put Wall

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LogistiVIEW Demonstration – Vision+ Picking – Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses

Learn more about Vision Pick & Put Wall

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Experience a more detailed demo of OnSite with Vision+ picking processes and learn more about LogistiVIEW’s platform without an appointment.


Case Study

How did one apparel retailer’s warehouse reinvent operations with LogistiVIEW to beat bottlenecks and save peak season? Watch and read the case study below to find out!

The LogistiVIEW Platform

Vision+ solutions are powered by the LogistiVIEW software automation platform, a transformational evolution in warehouse flow control that drives efficiency through seamless orchestration of processes across humans, robots, and AI.

LogistiVIEW’s powerful, flexible, and host-agnostic task engine optimizes how tasks are executed, fills operational gaps, and allows the operation to flex for peaks.


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