Mobile Web Application Framework Integrated With JDA SOA

Configuration-Based Mobile Web Application Development Framework

The modern warehouse associate or manager expects flexible application access across any device they might use during their work. Accelogix has developed Mobile Link as a framework to provide modern, responsive mobile web applications for JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management across all mobile devices. Mobile Link delivers configuration-defined dashboards and workflows, while enhancing business processes through intuitive navigation and integrated features like image and signature capture.

JDA Warehouse Management Mobile Link

Actionable Mobile Reporting and Analytics in a Natively Integrated Framework

Our solution natively integrates with JDA RedPrairie WMS through JDA SOA web services and enables configurable user interfaces to deliver dynamic reporting and analytics. The critical dashboards and processes you use today can be ported to the Mobile Link framework, empowering your supervisors and team with the information and capabilities they need at the right time.

Information Isn’t Valuable Without Action

We didn’t just create a mobile analytics solution. Mobile Link can enhance all versions of JDA RedPrairie WMS with features like image and signature capture – all through configuration! This functionality enables new and more efficient processes, especially in functional areas like Inventory Control and Quality Audit.

JDA Warehouse Management Mobile Link

Features Include:

  • Signature Capture
  • Photo Capture
  • Image Display
  • Company Branding – Color and Logos

Shorten your JDA RedPrairie upgrade path.

Whether you are preparing for an upgrade to the latest JDA technology now or still a couple years away, Mobile Link can reduce upgrade cost and complexity by bridging the gap between your existing customizations and the fully web-enabled technology of the latest WMS release.

By porting existing processes to Mobile Link now, your team can focus on implementation of the latest WMS functionality, rather than mobile user adoption and porting legacy client-driven processes. If your current RF terminals are already at end-of-life, Mobile Link allows you to jump straight to enterprise Android mobile to take full advantage of future software enhancements.

See it in action.

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