Innovation is a journey, not a destination. Our team of distribution experts works with you to implement disruptive technologies from pilot to production.

Are you ready for Unified Commerce?

Amazon has had an undeniable impact on consumer expectations and that reach is expanding further into B2B distribution over the next couple years. Verticals once thought protected from disruption, such as enterprise procurement and health care, will soon experience the so-called “Amazon Effect”. We have entered a new era of expectations called Unified Commerce – a mandate to unify and streamline the customer experience at every interaction point. How is your business implementing the supply chain efficiencies and customer-facing technology required to compete in this environment?

Technology is a means to an end – great customer experience

Whether your selected technology stack includes collaborative robotics, human worker augmentation, fixed automation, cloud, blockchain, or any other solution, the end goal should not be technology for technology’s sake, but rather an improved customer experience (hopefully with a 4.7 star review to match) that secures customer loyalty while meeting financial targets.

Do you have the tools you need to compete and thrive in the age of Unified Commerce?

We work with you to select the technologies that will enable you to reach your goals with maximum ROI and minimum TTV. While blockchain may one day replace shipping documentation and ASNs, many moonshot technologies, like autonomous vehicles, are still years away from broad adoption and robotic automation is not a silver bullet for every operation. However, several technologies (goods-to-person, collaborative robotics, and vision picking, for example) have proven efficiency gains with a lower implementation cost and, in some cases, a short implementation timeline.

Our recommendation is to ensure you have a strong operational foundation with solid execution systems, implement the technologies you need to meet your performance goals within your planning horizon, and then commit to continuous innovation.

One thing is for certain – the pace of change won’t slow down anytime soon.

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