Transportation Management Solutions

A Transportation Management System, or TMS, optimizes the movement of the trucks, trains, ships, and planes that form domestic and global shipping networks.

Over the years, transportation networks have become increasingly complex. As demand for regional, national, and global logistics grows, the number of providers has increased and pricing has become increasingly more competitive. It is becoming critical to have a system that can optimize your routes to take advantage of the best lane rates, equipment availability, and quality you can find. Furthermore, as an increasing number of goods are shipped direct-to-consumer, providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction through adept use of small parcel carriers is separating ecommerce winners from losers at a rapidly increasing rate. Unfortunately the downside of high volume and high growth is often evident in the high cost of shipping which may outpace your profitability.

What are the Benefits of a Transportation Management System (TMS)?

A transportation management system can help your company make a predictable science out of highly data driven processes such as load consolidation, carrier/lane selection, load tendering, warehouse management integration, and freight audit and payment.

Top best-of-breed transportation systems include features such as:

  • Business Analysis: To monitor, audit, and analyze key performance indicators and gain insight into specific processes for further optimization and advantage.
  • Transportation Planning and Management: For containerization, dock scheduling, evaluating capacity and constraints, and much more.
  • Fleet Management: To manage and optimize schedules and travel paths, and efficiently communicate with operators.
  • Freight Order Management: To provide visibility and compliance in regards to documents, labels, and in-transit and shipment confirmations.
  • Logistics Procurement: To evaluate, collaborate, manage, and optimize bidding and awards.
  • Transportation Modeling: To provide “What If?” Analysis related to rapid increases or decreases in volume, changes in distribution center location, environmental regulations, and more.

Accelogix helps customers of all sizes and industries buy and implement transportation management solutions to improve planning efficiency and reduce freight spend. We sell and implement JDA Transportation Management System for large shipment optimization and Agile Network AgileShip software for small parcel execution.

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