Accelogix Integrates Warehouse Inventory Management Systems and ERP Systems to Optimize Business Intelligence

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an invaluable asset to your company, but without an inventory management function, it relies too heavily on users to manage inventory and offers them virtually no assistance. The burden of manually assigning and completing tasks falls on your warehouse managers and operators, resulting in higher labor costs, lower efficiency and limited throughput.

Seamless Connections Between Warehouse Inventory Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Whether you are a 3PL, distribution center or manufacturing plant, your back-office ERP system needs to have a true picture of your warehouse at all times to ensure that the right inventory is there to fulfill orders on time. Increasing order volumes present a great opportunity for growth, but many companies are feeling strained by the high labor costs and poor efficiency associated with their manual inventory processes. Accelogix will help you remove these constraints and efficiently meet your customer demand.

Inventory Management Software Integrations Maximize ERP System Potential

Accelogix specializes in seamless integrations between tier 1 Warehouse Inventory Management systems and leading ERP systems. We understand the end-to-end business processes, not just technical specifications. Our comprehensive approach enhances supply chain visibility and maximizes process efficiency by streamlining information sharing between your users, warehouse managers and executives, which eliminates data reentry, reduces labor costs, improves accuracy and empowers decision-making. Accelogix can integrate JDA RedPrairie with a number of industry-leading ERPs, including:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics

The Accelogix team has integrated JDA RedPrairie with a variety of ERP systems across multiple industry verticals, which allows us to guide your integration in a way that meets your business needs and gives you a strategic advantage.

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