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When it’s time to strengthen your warehouse management system, each decision about how this software is designed and implemented matters. Finding the right partner to launch, and support your WMS journey is critical to your success. The Accelogix portfolio of warehouse services combines cutting edge technologies with break-through thinking to confidently guide you from readiness to implementation and beyond.

Optimizing warehouse operations is often the jumpstart to supply chain transformation. So where are you on the journey? Let’s benchmark your status and build a roadmap to success.


On-Demand Webinar – Automate Differently: Why Software is the Future of Automation

Learn why flexible, software-defined automation is a key to supply chain success in today’s environment and hear actionable advice on reducing implementation risks, including a 3-step framework for your automation blueprint.

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Featured Warehouse Optimization Solution: Logistiview

Seamlessly integrate collaborative robotics, automation and human workers with low-code workflows and modern mobility – without changing your legacy systems

  • Holistically optimize work execution for humans and automation
  • Implement the optimal process with the right device for the task
  • Capture and track key business data with custom data objects
  • Integration supported for current host systems through web services, file, and other communication methods
  • Remote assistance and training with Zoom integration

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System Readiness

“We instantly realized Accelogix was a partner whose expertise allowed them to jump in and deliver a solution quickly and cost-effectively—they understood that we were running a live business and couldn’t afford to wait weeks or months for a solution.”
Scott Lane, CIO, Beaver Street Fisheries

Whether you’re implementing a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) or upgrading an older customized WMS, the journey begins with readiness. Every company is unique and aligning a variety of factors from data, to workflow, to how your facility will feed into this central system often takes significant groundwork to reach a successful rollout. Accelogix will ensure your organization reaches the “WMS Readiness” levels critical for success with the current project while staying ahead of inevitable changes in the future.

New WMS Implementation

Implementing a new WMS can be a daunting task, wrought with risk and long-term ramifications. You need a partner who balances technical expertise with operational experience. A trusted partner who is focused on driving your desired business results and not just hitting a go-live date. Accelogix has assembled a team of process engineers, WMS software experts, and warehouse operations veterans to deliver lean and low-risk implementations with rapid time to value and an architecture built for the inevitable change ahead.

In this video, our CEO, Seth Patin, and Steve Simmerman of Blue Yonder discuss the important role of WMS in automated warehouses and increasingly autonomous supply chains.

Our disciplined methodology, the cornerstone of hundreds of successful customer rollouts, includes the following:


Plan what will work best in your operation: how it will be used, goals to accomplish, accounting for wider organizational systems and custom considerations – then creating an overarching design to incorporate it all together.


Perform the configuration, develop modifications to provide a competitive edge, and deliver the build to work reliably in your operation


Expert software integration with your systems such as ERP, TMS, automation, Augmented Reality, mobility & more; data mapping to ensure information is passed back and forth properly


Often-overlooked step to ensure performance and avoid surprises later. Running key scenarios to document, track, and guarantee mission-critical operations are supported

Go-Live Readiness

Hands-on preparation for launch with “mock go-lives,” running test orders through the new system, making sure everything works as expected before you flip the switch


Equip your team with master systems using “train the trainer” approaches to maximize the knowledge to instruct future, temporary, or seasonal staff

Go-Live Deployment

Critical on-site support across all necessary disciplines to ramp up production, stabilize operations, and smoothly transition ownership to your team.

Enhanced Support

Ongoing support ranging from on-call break/fix for emergencies to fully-outsourced managed support services to extend your team’s bandwidth
Whether you’re implementing a net-new WMS, or a next-level system to take your operations further, you can count on Accelogix’s depth of experience to ensure your project is a success.

Looking for more information on implementations?  Check out our popular FAQs.

Upgrades, Enhancements, & Integrations

Whether you need the latest version, or assistance untangling a legacy WMS that’s been heavily modified and customized, we’ll identify your best options to ensure you make an informed, confident decision. Forming a plan and helping you through all phases from design, build, integration, testing, training, and go-live, you’ll end up with an upgrade built on the most time and cost-effective approach for you.


Many fear upgrades for their unintended consequences, what they will break, and the chaos that will ensue. When you partner with Accelogix, upgrades become an inflection point for growth. Our proprietary approach aligns new and old systems offline, identifies gaps and old “mod” replacements, defines a risk-free path to close those gaps, and leaves you with a well-documented system architected to accept future upgrades.


Modifications (Mods) are not 4-letter words, rather they are the core to unlocking the potential of a modern WMS. Trust the experts who have designed and deployed more Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) mods than anyone else, and who support these well into the future.

Systems Integration

No WMS lives in isolation, especially in a modern 21st century supply chain. The complex interactions between order information, transportation networks, and labor get even more complicated with automation, tools, and technologies that all need to sync up as one. We’ll apply deep-rooted software engineering expertise to ensure your systems are integrated correctly, and reliably, wiring your WMS to enable a multiplier effect for the next generation warehouse. Reach out to our team to discuss your systems integration needs.

Custom Software Enhancements

“[We have] a very successful partnership with Accelogix providing production support. Their response time is excellent and their knowledge of all aspects of the [Blue Yonder, formerly JDA/RedPrairie] application guarantees quick, quality resolution regardless of the issue being resolved.”
IT Director, Fortune 500 B2B Services Company

Not only are we experts in setting up a WMS for success, but we are also experts in fixing prior mishaps. Living with inefficient processes due to fear of making changes to a WMS is no way to drive business. Take back control of your operations with Accelogix core competency: operations designed, risk mitigated, high impact system enhancements.


Continuous Improvement

As any supply chain veteran knows, go-live is only the beginning. It’s what happens next that matters. Leaders must continue to strike a balance between building foundational warehouse capabilities while pursuing innovative solutions to drive growth. Accelogix is the partner of choice for every phase of your journey, meeting the needs of your business today and supporting the roadmap for tomorrow.

In this video, Accelogix CEO Seth Patin and Ellsworth Collins of Advanced Solutions/Slot 3D discuss how workforce management and optimized warehouse management software come together to overcome operational challenges in the warehouse of the future.

Enhanced Support Services

A WMS brings a wealth of benefits to your operations – and a whole new set of challenges to manage day-to-day. For organizations with limited IT or Operations bandwidth, finding more hands on deck to handle all this effectively is key.

As a leading Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) partner with unparalleled experience in WMS and Warehouse Labor Management applications, Accelogix is uniquely qualified to address your critical success factors. Our Enhanced Support offering provides a bench of technical expertise, solutions, and resources to expand your team. The experts you need, when you need them.


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